My helpful screenshot

My name is Adithya Sudarsan, and this is my home on the internet, welcome.

Currently I’m studying computer science at the University of Windsor. When I’m not doing my homework, you can usually find me either creating software for one of Apple’s platforms, trying to better understand information security and computer security policy, or trying to communicate interesting ideas through various forms of media.

I also really enjoy podcasts, my current favorites are the Accidental Tech Podcast, Under the Radar, Defensive Security, Disruption, Debug, Cortex, More than Just the Code, and Top Four.

When I’m not listening to podcasts or writing code, I’m ogling cars, going on walks, biking, or reading through my Instapaper queue.

The Site

While I used to write on Tumblr, after finding that to be no longer sufficient for my needs I decided to go a different route.

My site is now powered by Jekyll, a static-site/static-blogging engine. I use the standard template with a few imperceptible changes.

I write my posts in Markdown using TextMate.

My site is hosted using Github Pages, because its free, and I heard good things.